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"If you see a phone booth and have a sudden urge to change clothes, or simply know what a phone booth is, you’ll be speeding like a bullet for this Superman T-shirt."

Seriously whoever writes GameStop TV scripts, or edits them, is terrible at their job. I mean this implies that the myriad of phone booth connoisseurs out there will want this shirt based solely on their interest in phone booths.

What the flying fuck?

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someone just prank called my store at 4:20 and repeatedly asked “what time is it” until i caved and said it out loud. he mumbled “that’s right; blaze it” and hung up on me

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I’ve been fighting back tears almost all day.

A friend and mentor, Aaron, is transferring stores next week. We just found out last night that we were getting a store manager, so the decision for Aaron to transfer stores wasn’t officially made until last night. The ASM is probably way more upset about it than I am, but only because of their bromance. Which I will miss terribly.

The guys have had my back and looked out for me for months now. They’ve put the store first, and kept us running even though we didn’t have a store manager. But it’s been so much more than that…

Even though Aaron always gave me a hard time, he helped me grow and ultimately be more confident in my abilities. The ASM has been invaluable as well, but he started at the store the same time I did. Aaron has been there for like 10 years, and knows almost everything about everything in the entire store and company. He’s so fucking smart! That’s still not at the core of why I’m going to miss him so much.

I’m going to miss him because he truly believed in me. That fucking changed my life, and not just my work life. Not only is he the best supervisor I’ve ever had, but also he’s an awesome human being.

Because of him, the dillhole that said I was “underdeveloped” got fired. He wanted this guy fired because he said I had small boobs, and then it happened. That’s a top notch gentleman.

I could go on and on about how great Aaron is. And that’s why I almost cried when I was leaving the store today…our last shift together.

I hope he calls home often. Maybe a few of us can visit him with cookies. Tear-soaked cookies. THE GANG IS SPLITTING UP :(

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Tokyo, Japan | Shin-ichiro Uemura

fucking unstoppable

Nicki Minaj’s reaction to a shirtless Zac Efron at the MTV Movie Awards!
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